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Cates is an industrial controls distributor with the expertise to choose the best products for your project

We are a Texas based industrial controls distributor. Specialists in variable frequency drives and motors, Cates has the expertise to specify the best industrial control products for your automation project. We maintain direct relationships with top manufacturers, and our experts can help you with dimensioning and installation as well as operation and maintenance. We support customers before, during, and after the sale – call us today!

Expert Assistance with Variable Frequency Drives and Motors

We’ll help you maximize uptime by choosing the best industrial control products:

  • Tap into extensive product expertise from an experienced distributor
  • Avoid wasted investment by using proven hardware
  • Minimize downtime with hardware that works well together

Get answers to questions like:

  • Which variable frequency drive (VFD) is best for my project?
  • Which motor is recommended for my application?
  • Which product is best for minimizing maintenance and saving energy?

Industrial Control Products from Top Manufacturers

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About Our Products


All of our products are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty for product defects.

Hazardous Product Certifications

Many of our products are for use in hazardous areas and they meet various certifications required all over the world. Questions about the certifications of specific products? Call us!

Product Replacement

Need a product in your plant replaced but not sure what on earth that thing is? Upload a photo here and we’ll check it out!

Information Request

Email us your product questions – we can help!

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What Our Clients Have To Say!

I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you and your team for all the hard work and excellent implementation you have done with our Concertor control panels. We really appreciate it. We are very pleased with your diligence and very importantly your responsiveness. It is a pleasure working with you all. Now looking forward to a strong partnership with each other into the future. Keep up the good work!
Peter D.
I just wanted to say that the extra programming I2R was tasked with (unload throttle/ unload and mezz jam counters) have already been utilized and proven very effective in being able to control our building as well as a tool to identifying jam issues. Your crew did an outstanding job!!! I just wanted to say thanks.
Frank V.
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your hard work and dedication to this project. This past weekend was a successful and what I would call “refreshing” weekend conversion…When your team completes a job like this you not only meet my expectations but the Purple promise of FedEx Ground. As we continue this project and more challenging conversions ahead continue to build on these principles and we will all be successful.
Jonathan S.
I have enjoyed being in this class. Lee is very knowledgeable. Kept me interested in the subject by his passion. I feel it is very important to laugh and Lee has done a wonderful job with mixing course curriculum with humorous & interesting stories of past jobs.
Vinny M.
Had a great time in class. Fast, but good. Everyone at the facility was very welcoming and friendly.
Rebecca O.H.
I try to always comment on exceptional service whenever I experience it. I would like to commend Scott Valchar for the excellent service he provides to ARC Specialties. The ARC personnel have come to depend on Scott for top quality equipment, service and technical assistance. From my 26 years in the business of building machines, I know how rare it is to find a technically competent salesman. Scott keeps us informed on new products without pressuring us to buy. His professionalism and upbeat attitude is much appreciated. At ARC Specialties we try to provide solutions, not just hardware. We have come to rely on Scott in that same way. Keep up the good work.
Daniel A.