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We help you compete by focusing on things manufacturers usually don’t do in-house.

As an industrial control solutions provider, we specialize in helping you compete. Our services focus on areas manufacturers usually do not maintain in-house: system integration, control panel fabrication, equipment installation, and vfd repair. We can assist with your project from the time you start thinking about it all the way through supporting you after completion!

Have a Project Idea? We’ll Explore it With You

Envision How Your Project Idea Can Benefit Your Business

A critical time in any project is when you first have the idea. We’ll explore the possibilities with you to conceptualize it and see what business goals can be accomplished. Cates experts can offer insights to assist in all aspects of your project planning.

Envision It

Conceptualize your project and how it can benefit your business:

  • Offer input on what other manufacturers and industries do and do not do
  • Help you avoid mistakes others have made
  • Shorten the process by showing you what works

Engineer It

Identify and advise on your best options; design a solution:

  • Provide enterprise-wide expertise from ERP to plant floor
  • Utilize experience with a wide variety of automation hardware
  • Share real world knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work

Specify It

Maximize uptime by choosing the best products for your project:

  • Offer extensive product expertise as an experienced product distributor
  • Avoid wasted investment by selecting proven hardware
  • Minimize downtime by choosing hardware that works well together

Fabricate It

Design and build quality panels at our UL certified facilities:

  • Ensure close integration with engineering and design
  • Eliminate disconnects between panel fabrication and design specifications
  • Save time coordinating panel fabrication separate from process design

Install It

Professionally install your equipment and safety guards:

  • Ensure seamless coordination between panel delivery and installation to startup
  • Save time and money on I/O checkout
  • Eliminate conflicts between engineering and installation

Support It

Provide expert support for your plant hardware and software:

  • Talk to a LIVE person 24/7/365
  • On-site and in-house repair services
  • 24 X 7 Engineering support for our systems

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