If quality didn’t matter

we’d all drive lemons

The process of quality in Cates industrial control panels

Cates designs and manufactures industrial control panels in volume for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and in smaller quantities for custom control panel orders. In order to maintain high quality across orders ranging from 3 panels to 3,000 panels, Cates invests in every part of our manufacturing – our process, facility, software, machinery, safety, training and continuous improvement culture. As UL 508A panel builders with over 40 years of experience, our panels are competitively priced, delivered on time, and thoroughly tested. You’ll see the difference in our process and our panels!

Panel Manufacturing + Technical Support Services

Full Range of Services

One-Stop Shop Convenience

  • Ensures close integration with engineering and design
  • Eliminates disconnects between panel fabrication and design specifications
  • Saves time coordinating panel fabrication separate from process design
  • Allows software, parts, and designs to be updated at the same time internally
Rack of OEM panels.

Customized Quality Process

Quality at Any Volume

Cates has spent years customizing a process that ensures quality in every industrial control panel – in orders from 3 to 3,000 panels.

  • Well-defined, scalable process based on CSIA
  • Process is tailored to optimally fit our manufacturing flow
  • Mature Quality Management System is revision-controlled through a custom Knowledge Base
  • Differentiated processes for OEM and Custom Panels
  • Internal audits are performed regularly
  • Cates has successfully passed every customer audit

Proactive Approach to Quality

  • Longstanding culture of continuous improvement since 1978
  • Successful internal continuous improvement program fosters ideas from all departments
  • Willing to change “how things have always been done”
  • Consistent folder structure and document control for all projects
  • Standard and Customized inspection checklists ensure critical features are always checked
  • Quality tracking website ensures non-conformances are logged, corrective actions are tracked

Scalable, Efficient Facility

Production Scalability

  • Scalable process and facility can be rapidly reconfigured to meet production needs
  • Specialize in volume orders with customization
  • Labor can be added quickly to increase production volume
  • Can produce exact multiples of the same design or variations on each. For one customer we produce 130 panels with 50 variations monthly

Modular and Lean Work Areas

  • Movable/reconfigurable stations on wheels arranged for maximum efficiency
  • Tool outlines on carts for organization and efficiency
  • Cell-based assembly ensures quality and consistency
  • Clearly labeled production area facilitates order, cleanliness
  • Process efficiencies, savings yield faster delivery, lower prices

UL 508A Technical Expertise

Experienced UL 508A Panel Builder

We apply decades of experience in understanding and complying with UL standards.

  • We fully understand UL 508A requirements; can advise you
  • Application engineer for OEM and Custom to incorporate technical knowledge into panel design
  • UL 508A is large — it takes time and experience to absorb it all & it has unique terminology that must be fully understood to see the context of UL requirements
  • Cates has the experience and knowledge to avoid the pitfalls that may trip up inexperienced designers

UL 508A/698A Certified Facilities

  • Control panel facilities centrally located in Dallas and Houston
  • 30,000 sq. ft. of environmentally controlled shop/staging space
  • Can build to UL 508A, UL 698A, UL 1203
  • CSIA best practices and guidelines
  • Cates panel design standards

We Do UL 508A Fully — No Shortcuts!

Full UL 508A Implementation

  • Thoroughly investigate the components
  • Put appropriate info on drawings to facilitate installation in the field
  • NEC/UL safety — we implement UL correctly and safely (not everyone does)
  • Follow UL best practices

Reduce Risk in Your Panels

  • Cates has the experience to eliminate risks in your design
  • Avoid common issues that occur during UL Certification testing
  • Ensure panels pass inspection, have proper documentation

Investment in Software and Machinery


  • Custom production resource planner is optimized from our manufacturing flow
  • Flexibility and scalability are key features of our custom software
  • Custom quoting software ensures quick, consistent and thorough proposals


  • Bulk wire processing aids in gaining efficiency for scalable wiring tasks
  • Laser engraving ensures we produce professional and aesthetically pleasing assemblies
  • Calibrated testing tools ensure specifications are always met

On-Time Delivery


  • Dedicated Purchasing department is focused on solving supply chain issues
  • Customer service representatives and project managers communicate updates
  • Dedicated technical resources enable Cates to propose part substitutions


  • Customer software facilitates material and production status at any time
  • On-Time-Delivery is a key performance indicator consistently tracked and managed at Cates
  • Separate OEM and Custom fabrication process flows ensure your job gets the attention it deserves

Employee Safety and Training

Safety First Initiative

  • Cates works to promote the highest safety standards possible
  • We are committed to the safety of our employees, customers, and communities
  • We do not compromise on safety and expect that everyone we work with shares this commitment

Safety Commitment

  • Safety Committee and management are always looking for ways to improve operational safety
  • Our goal: Identify and manage all safety risks in our daily work to prevent incidents from occurring
  • If an incident does take place, we identify the underlying causes and learn from them
  • We empower everyone at Cates to actively contribute to our safety-first culture

Employee Training

Cates learning management system ensures employees have completed the appropriate training.

  • Customized training is quick and easy to create
  • Employees are trained to standard work that is flexible to meet customer needs
  • Fabrication standards facilitate consistent and quality assemblies
  • Tribal knowledge is removed from the Cates process

Leverage the Cates Quality Process for Your Panels

Whether you need high-volume OEM panel manufacturing or smaller quantities of custom control panels, Cates applies our customized process to ensure quality in every single one of your panels.

In addition to quality, we offer competitive pricing, on-time delivery, UL-508A expertise, and thorough testing. You’ll see the difference in our process and our panels!

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Customer Testimonials

First, I want to say Thank you for all you do for us. I2R has been easy to do business with, which is something I do not say very often about any company. You and your team are personable and really work hard to meet our demanding request dates. You have made great strides in improving delivery times and aligning our goals with yours. Many of my customers have made positive comments about the workmanship and quality of work that has been put into our panels, if my customers are happy, so am I. I2R’s Value Engineering workshop inspired both of us in finding product enhancements we can incorporate in our current and next generation products. I am excited to be working with a company like I2R and growing together.
Shukri E.
I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you and your team for all the hard work and excellent implementation you have done with our Concertor control panels. We really appreciate it. We are very pleased with your diligence and very importantly your responsiveness. It is a pleasure working with you all. Now looking forward to a strong partnership with each other into the future. Keep up the good work!
Peter D.