If quality didn’t matter

we’d all drive lemons

See the difference in Cates industrial control panels

Cates offers design and/or build capabilities for volume Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and custom industrial control panels. As UL 508A panel builders with over 40 years of experience, we understand how to produce quality panels that are easy to maintain and facilitate troubleshooting. With competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and thorough testing, you can’t go wrong with Cates panels.

We Fabricate It – Cates Industrial Control Panels

  • How low-quality panels can hurt your business
  • Cates quality: full range of services, one-stop shop, dedicated OEM and custom teams
  • Cates panels: competitive pricing, on-time delivery, easy maintenance and troubleshooting
  • UL 508A/698A certified facilities: experienced, can build to numerous standards

Low-Quality Panels Can Hurt Your Business

“Cheaper” Panels Can Actually Cost Much More

Design Issues

  • Thermal management overlooked/under-designed: Overheating, component failures, process shutdowns, voided warranties
  • Insufficient space for incoming field wiring: Installation delays, improper field connections, panel reworked
  • Standards interpreted for cost reduction rather than design integrity & safety: Personal injury, noncompliance issues, panel rejection at job site

Testing Issues

  • Insufficient testing & verification – drawings may not match panel: Rewiring & reinstalling

Layout Issues

  • Lack of component labels or mislabeled components: Hard to identify parts from prints – slows troubleshooting, equipment changes & technology audits; delays startups

Wiring Issues

  • Communication wires not properly separated from high voltage conductors: Communication faults, EMI interference
  • Wires not properly terminated: Poor crimps, insulation nicked or pinched in terminals
  • Loose wires: Connectivity issues, arcing, heat buildup, premature part failure

You May Rarely Open Your Panels.
But When You Do – IT MATTERS!

  • Production line is down
  • Programming change or equipment change
  • Technology audits
  • Preventive maintenance

Minimize lost revenue, missed deadlines and supply chain issues caused by unplanned downtime — buy panels designed to get you back up and running quickly!

Try Cates Quality Industrial Control Panels

Full Range of Services

  • Industrial Control Panel Design
  • Drawing Creation
  • Panel Fabrication
  • Panel Testing and Configuration
  • On-Site Startup Services

One-Stop Shop Convenience

  • Ensures close integration with engineering and design
  • Eliminates disconnects between panel fabrication and design specifications
  • Saves time coordinating panel fabrication separate from process design
  • Allows software, parts and designs to be updated together internally

Separate, Dedicated Teams for OEM and Custom Panels

  • Each team has a dedicated staff
  • Independent production schedules
  • OEM inventory works to MIN/MAX stock levels, customer reviews
  • Custom area buys parts and creates kits for each job

Advantages of Cates Panels

Ease of Maintenance and Faster Troubleshooting

  • Clean panel design
  • Wiring labels
  • Panel component labels
  • Detailed Auto-CAD documentation
  • 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Continuous Improvement

Every panel is barcoded, enabling us to track the status and collect data as it is produced:

  • Pinpoints issues or inefficiencies
  • Issues can be traced to the root cause
  • Allows accurate forecasting of the completion date

Thorough Testing

“Smoke” tests ensure no sparks, but rarely test the functionality and wiring of all components. Every Cates panel is individually and thoroughly tested against our stringent quality standards.

  • Quality inspections at each stage of the process
  • Thorough testing based on Factory Acceptance Test standard
  • Testing of every component in the panel
  • Verification and documentation of certified standards
  • Loading and testing of customer software

Customer Involvement

  • We encourage you to be involved in industrial control panel testing for factory acceptance
  • We can simulate different scenarios and signals at our facility, which reduces startup time and improves your overall control system

Competitive Pricing

The size of our shop allows volume purchasing, and our Lean Manufacturing efficiencies drive our costs down. We pass these advantages on to you as lower prices!

On-Time Delivery

Our goal is Every Panel on Time, Every Time. We can reallocate resources if needed to deliver your order on time. Need your panels FAST? Try our Express service!

Cates in an Experienced UL 508 Panel Builder

UL 508A/698A Certified Facilities

We apply years of experience in understanding and complying with UL standards to ensure your panels pass inspection and have proper documentation.

  • Control panel facilities centrally located in Dallas and Houston
  • 30,000 sq. ft. of environmentally controlled shop and staging space
  • Modular shop design – stations on wheels for rapid reconfiguration

We Can Build to Numerous Standards

  • UL 508A, UL 698A, NEC (NFPA 70 National Electrical Code)
  • CE, ATEX, ETL, Hazardous locations
  • CSIA Best Practices and Guideline
  • Cates industrial control panel design standards

There Is Always Someone Cheaper, but at What Cost?

Consider the Overall Cost of Control Panel Ownership

  • Production uptime
  • Panel working correctly “out-of-the-box”
  • On-time delivery
  • Receiving correct prints with the panel
  • Ability to consult about panel design and standards compliance
  • Faster troubleshooting
  • Quality to maintain the project’s planned lifecycle

Industrial control panels stay on job sites 10-15 years! Quality is important to uptime and maintaining a project’s planned lifecycle.

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Customer Testimonials

First, I want to say Thank you for all you do for us. I2R has been easy to do business with, which is something I do not say very often about any company. You and your team are personable and really work hard to meet our demanding request dates. You have made great strides in improving delivery times and aligning our goals with yours. Many of my customers have made positive comments about the workmanship and quality of work that has been put into our panels, if my customers are happy, so am I. I2R’s Value Engineering workshop inspired both of us in finding product enhancements we can incorporate in our current and next generation products. I am excited to be working with a company like I2R and growing together.
Shukri E.
I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you and your team for all the hard work and excellent implementation you have done with our Concertor control panels. We really appreciate it. We are very pleased with your diligence and very importantly your responsiveness. It is a pleasure working with you all. Now looking forward to a strong partnership with each other into the future. Keep up the good work!
Peter D.