Avoid Costly Delivery Errors

Validate Before Unloading

Ensure your ingredients unload from rail cars into the correct destination.

If you’ve ever had an ingredient unloaded from a rail car into the wrong destination, you know that these errors are expensive and time-consuming to correct as well as halting order fulfillment and hurting quarterly profits. But what if you could prevent unloading until it is confirmed that the rail car, paperwork, and destination all match? You can – with our TransferMinder Unload Validation System.

Introducing Absolute Validation

Has this ever happened to you?

Your ingredients unloaded from the rail car into the wrong tank!

  • Costly and time-consuming to fix
  • Blocks order fulfillment
  • Hurts quarterly profits

Introducing the TransferMinder Unload Validation System

Prevent Unloading Until Confirmed

TransferMinder prevents ingredient unloading until it is confirmed that the rail car, paperwork, and destination all match.

How Does TransferMinder Work

The TransferMinder system:

  1. Scans Rail car ID tags, scans Paperwork
  2. Validates a match to the right Destination (e.g., hopper, bin, bay, shed, tank, silo)
  3. Interlocks unloading until a valid match
  • Rail car 3473 is a match!
  • Bill of Lading Received 4/28/22
  • Contents: 90,000 lbs BLUE pellets
  • Valid Destinations: Station 2

TransferMinder Unload Validation Systems

TransferMinder Includes1000200030004000
Handheld rail car scanner OR Fixed-in-place rail car scanner with remote 6” display
Web app on scanner
Bill of Lading scanning1
Relay contact "OK to unload" for connection to your system
Web app on computer
Operator Logins
Reporting history of all actions
Integration into your PLC2
Integration into your OIT/HMI2
Cost Range

$10 - 20k



$150k - 180k

Delivery Time

1 Your supplier must place QR codes on the paperwork
2 Standard brands like Rockwell
3 Standard brands like Ignition, Aveva, Rockwell
Installation can be added at an additional cost

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