Time to upgrade.

Equipment failures with no replacement get old fast.
Start your PLC and SLC migrations now.

If you’re looking for replacements online, your equipment has most likely reached the end of the manufacturer’s lifecycle. As the vendor phases out availability of support and parts, the cost and risk of using the equipment increases. We can help you take advantage of new features and technology by working with you to plan your PLC, SLC or other legacy migrations. Don’t wait for a failure and loss of production — start your upgrade today!

Evaluate the Business Case

Consider the Impact of a Failure

In addition to the cost of upgrading legacy equipment, consider the possible financial impact of NOT upgrading. The potential consequences can justify the migration.

  • Does the legacy equipment control critical manufacturing processes?
  • What will the financial impact of a failure be if a replacement is not readily available?

Review Your Options

1. Equipment Replacement

Latest features and technology, maximum
support and parts availability, higher cost

2. Retrofit with New Controls

Offers many of the benefits of new
equipment at a much lower cost

3. Control System Replacement

Cost-effective option if equipment is mechanically sound but control system is obsolete

Reduce Risk and Achieve Results

  • Eliminate the risks of obsolete systems
  • Preserve your investment in existing applications
  • Convert to modern hardware and software platforms
  • Achieve better reliability and often enhanced production capacity

Plan Your Conversions

Assess Your Equipment

Typical legacy equipment reaching end-of-life:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Servos
  • Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
  • Plant floor communication network

Check the status of your equipment on Rockwell Automation’s Product Lifecycle Status page.

Identify Related Upgrades

You may have related equipment installed around the same time that is also reaching end-of-life. For example, with PLC-5 to ControlLogix conversions, you might also need to migrate:

  • Allen-Bradley 2711-Series PanelView
  • Allen-Bradley 1336-Series Adjustable Frequency AC Drives
  • Allen-Bradley UltraTM 3000 Multi-axis Servo Drives
  • Allen-Bradley SLCTM 500 hardware
  • DH+/RIO, ControlNet, or DeviceNet networks

Get Assistance from Cates Experts

Complimentary Assessment Call

  1. Discuss your current equipment status, migration path, priorities and concerns
  2. Our goal is to guide and support you through the upgrade process
  3. Schedule your System Analysis — based on the size and complexity of your system we’ll determine if it can be completed remotely or if a site visit is required

Complimentary On-Site or Remote
System Analysis

  • We’ll analyze your system and provide a hardware assessment, replacement cost and proposed schedule
  • For a remote analysis we’ll ask you to upload photos and other information prior to the call to ensure we develop a complete perspective of your system

Our Migration Experience

  • We’ve done 100s of successful migrations
  • PLC Migration: PLC-5, PLC-2, SLC-500, Modicon, Mitsubishi
  • Square D, Provox, HMI, Panelview

Proven Methods

  • Reusing I/O and wiring
  • Shadowing operation of existing systems
  • Rapid cut-over to minimize downtime while installing and commissioning new systems

Start Planning Your Upgrade Today

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