Electric Motor Basics – A Reference

Since electric motors consume far more than half of the electric power used in manufacturing plants around the world, it is a good idea to be well versed on electric motor basics – their selection, use, and optimization. One of Baldor Electric’s district managers named Edward Cowern, P.E. wrote a series of papers that answered customer’s questions related to these areas. The topics covered ranged from electric motor basics, their application, power and energy, as well as the use of industrial electric motors in hazardous locations. These papers were later collected and turned into a booklet that was provided to Baldor customers. Some of the specific subjects covered in this collection include:

  • “Motor Temperature Ratings”,
  • “Understanding Torque”
  • “Electric Motors and Voltage”
  • “Operating Motors in Wet and Damp Environments”

There are many more subjects thoroughly covered in this outstanding reference. All of the subjects are useful in the design of an application that will wring the most life out of the motor that is selected.

Cowern Papers

This collection is now a classic reference that is still highly relevant today. In fact, now more than ever, today’s users of electric motors are energy and quality conscious due to the cost of power as well as stiff competition. This document will help you work out the details that will allow you to select the right motor for your application. The bonus is, this information is independent of the brand of motors that you select. So even if you don’t buy Baldor motors, this document can help you.

You can download the Cowern Papers here: The Cowern Papers PR2525