FREE PLC and VFD Troubleshooting Class in Houston



  • 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM with breakfast and lunch provided 
  • Hands-on PLC and VFD troubleshooting tips
  • Class taught by Dave McDonald
  • NOTE: To be scheduled. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a class for your team.

Free PLC and VFD Troubleshooting Training - Course Syllabus

  • Test Instruments and Electrical Safety
    • Digital Multimeters and Other Voltage Testers
    • Instruments for Measuring Electric Current
    • Determining if Electrical Insulating Gloves are Required
    • Determining if Arc-rated Apparel and Other PPE are Required
  • General PLC Troubleshooting
    • CPU and Power Supply LED’s
    • MicroLogix LCD Status Indicators
    • Error Codes and Status File
    • I/O Point LED’s or LCD Status Indicators
    • Evaluating PLC Program Rungs and Forcing I/O
    • Using the Scale with Parameters (SCP) Instruction as a Tool
  • PLC Troubleshooting with Test Instruments
    • Digital Inputs and Outputs at the PLC
    • Triac On Voltage Versus Off Voltage
    • Digital and Analog Inputs and Outputs at the PLC
    • Digital Field Device and Wiring at Device
    • Analog Field Device and Wiring at Device
  • General VFD Troubleshooting
    • Visual Inspection Checklist
    • Tricolor Status LED
    • Control Panel Keypad Status Row
    • Evaluating Modified Parameters with Drive Software
    • Main Control and Main Status Words
    • Fault Tracing Using Fault Messages
    • Best Motor Current Measuring Means
    • Control Panel Mounting Platform +15V LED
  • Specific Faults and VFD Troubleshooting with Test Instruments
    • Measuring DC Bus Voltage for Safety
    • Overcurrent- Eliminating the Motor as the Culprit
    • Overload- Legitimate or Incorrect Parameter Settings?
    • Overvoltage- Most Common Causes
    • Earth Leakage (Ground Fault) Sensing Scheme and Locating Fault
    • Input Phase Loss Sensing Scheme
    • Under voltage and Automatic Restart
    • Fuse Testing and Reasons for Blown Fuses/Tripped Circuit Breakers
    • Checking LV DC Power Supply Voltages for Ripple
  • Preventive and Restorative Maintenance
    • DC Link (Bus) Capacitor Lifetime
      • Replacement Capacitor (or VFD) Reforming
    • Pre-Charge Circuit Lifetime
    • IGBT Lifetime
      • IGBT Checkup
      • Important IGBT Replacement Practices
    • Lifetime for Fans and Replacement Procedures

DOWNLOAD: PLC & VFD Troubleshooting Course Syllabus PDF

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