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Below is a comprehensive list of the manufacturers we represent. Don’t see a manufacturer you are looking for? Call us! Our goal is to help you create industrial control solutions to fit your needs.

ABB - Cates Control Solutions - Houston, Dallas (DFW), San Antonio, Austin TX


Low voltage AC & DC drives
NEMA & IEC low voltage AC & DC motors
Servo motors
Low voltage soft starters
Medium voltage drives and motors
ATEX & IECEx rated motors
Low Voltage Product Line and Systems

Linear & rotary position sensors
Programmable limit switches
Foot switches
Industrial brakes

Inline Planetary Gearboxes
Right Angle Gearboxes
Spiral Bevel Right Angle Gearboxes
Precision Rack & Pinion

Level and pressure sensors

Cates Control Solutions - Houston, Dallas (DFW) TX

Custom pendant stations

Low voltage IEC AC motors
ATEX & IECEx rated motors
IECEx explosion proof marine rated brake motors


DC drives
Tension transducer (load cells)Gauges

Networking and industrial data communcation:
Ethernet device servers
Industrial Ethernet gateways
Industrial Ethernet switches

Precision motion control
Right angle gearboxes
Slewing solutions

Electrocraft - Cates Control Solutions - Houston, Dallas (DFW), San Antonio, Austin TX

Servo motors & drives
Stepper motors & drives

High Performance stepper and servo motors for harsh and/or specialty environments

Temperature control
Measurement and data recording solutions

Cates Control Solutions - Haewa Electrical Enclosures

Premium cabinet systems and wall-mount enclosures

UL-508A & UL 698A certified facility
Engineering design services
Panel assemblies
Enclosed drive packages

Automations systems solutions:
Variable frequency drives
Servo drives

Safety engineering services
Bar code readers
Safety sensors
Light curtains
Machine vision

Lutze - Cates Control Solutions - Houston, Dallas (DFW), San Antonio, Austin TX

Flexible & continuous flexing cable (control cable, VFD cable, & power cable)
Cabinet systems
Power Supplies
Circuit protection
Signal converters & isolators
Mechanical & solid-state relays

Power quality solutions
Harmonic mitigation
Motor protection & power conditioning

Precision linear & rotary positioning, holding and braking solutions

Lead screw & ball screw assemblies
Screw jacks
Electric cylinders
Linear & modular actuators


ATEX rated & safe area couplings
Torque limiters
Precision couplings
Industrial couplings

Industrial motor control products, including:
General and definite purpose contactors
Overload relays
Motor circuit controllers
Disconnect switches and pilot devices

Stober - Cates Control Solutions - Houston, Dallas (DFW), San Antonio, Austin TX

IEC & NEMA gear units:
Servo gear units
Planetary & helical gear units
Rack & pinion gear drives
Servo gear units with brakes
Servo motors
ATEX rated gear units

Power quality& harmonic solutions
Active & passive harmonic filtering solutions
Motor protection solutions
Power factor correction solutions

Motor & drive solutions:
Low voltage & medium voltage motors
Low voltage & medium voltage variable frequency drives
Gear products

Low voltage & medium voltage AC motors
Low voltage & medium voltage AC drives
Low voltage & medium voltage soft starters
Gearboxes & geared motors


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