Sign telling readers to expect delays represents delays caused in complying with the ul 508a standard during control panel inspections

UL 508A Standard – 15 Common Pitfalls

As an industrial control panel manufacturer certified to apply the UL Listing Mark, Cates Control Systems applies the UL 508A standard to every electrical control panel we design and build. With over 40 years of experience in panel fabrication, we have seen a lot of …

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An example of a control panel compliant with the UL-508A standard for industrial control panels

UL 508A Standard for Industrial Control Panels

Do you know the purpose of the UL 508A standard for industrial control panels and the key topics it covers? This post explains the intent of UL 508A and summarizes the major sections of the standard. Additional topics covered in this post include: The UL …

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The Wraptor wire cutting machine is an example of the investment a control panel manufacturer makes in specialized machinery

Control Panel Manufacturer or Panel Shop?

When evaluating control panel fabricators as possible manufacturing partners for industrial control panels, it is important to note that a fabricator can fall into one of two distinct categories: 1) Control panel manufacturer or 2) Panel shop. There are key differences between the two categories …

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