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Voltage Source Implementation - way 1 Implementation - way 2                                                      
Step one - description
This example show the simplest way to implement Dynamic Step Process Panels.

- 3 steps (width configurable in css),
- first step selected,
- step-by-step mode,
- previous and next buttons,
- step labels,
- every step can be choosed again,
- fade effect speed 1 second,
- style green-blue
Step two - implementation way 1
All you got to do is insert WordPress shortcode, with specified id (defined in admin panel). For this example looks like this:

[dspp id='example1']
Step two - implementation way 2
You can also use different way of implementation, using [dspp_old], [dspp_panel], [dspp_step] and [dspp_content] shortcodes. For this example looks like this:

	[dspp_step href='#content1' label='1']Description[/dspp_step]
	[dspp_step href='#content2' label='2']Implementation - way 1[/dspp_step]
	[dspp_step href='#content3' label='3']Implementation - way 2[/dspp_step]
	[dspp_content id='content1']content for step 1[/dspp_content]
	[dspp_content id='content2']content for step 2[/dspp_content]
	[dspp_content id='content3']content for step 3[/dspp_content]

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