Cates Controls Solutions Declaration of Principles

Cates Control Solutions - Houston, Dallas (DFW), San Antonio, AustinAt Cates Control Solutions we define who we are by the Principles that we use in our business relationships.


Cates Control Solutions commits “to do what we say we will do”. If that commitment is in jeopardy, we will immediately work with all involved to get back on schedule.


When we agree to a plan, we focus on implementing it.


We choose to work together and depend on each other in order to implement the plan.


No matter how small a problem may seem – fixing it now – is the only solution.


We choose to be positive!


We are relentless in that we will not back down from the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our business.


We feel an atmosphere of respectful and courteous dissent generates the greatest amount of creativity, which is our competitive edge.


We embrace mistakes as opportunities which lead to improvements that we need to attain excellence.

Do Unto Others

When we see another team member not living up to these principles, we confront them privately. We expect them to do the same.


Processes are necessary to achieve excellence. We will work within and help improve them.


We replace blame and second guessing with constructive problem solving.


We accept the responsibilities of our position and know we are accountable to meet our obligations.

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