No control system is complete without the right components, all the way down to the sensors and the cabling.  Choosing a component incorrectly can lead to serious performance problems within your machine, whether it is a retrofit or a new design, Cates Control Solutions offers a comprehensive range of automation accessories as well as the application experience to help you select the right component the first time.  This includes but is not limited to power supplies, signal conditioners, sensors, and specialty cabling.

Power Supplies

UL 508 listed power supplies are available as regulated and unregulated.  All are DIN rail mountable and ROHS compliant.  A power supply has a decisive influence on the operational reliability of electrical systems.  Load monitoring and overload current control systems can also be added.

Signal Conditioners

Signal conditioners are electronic instruments used on the factory floor or in machine automation.  It is a means of converting an analog signal from a sensor into one that can be read by a process controller, recorder, or display.  Signal conditioners can amplify, convert, boost, transform, buffer, filter, alarm, and isolate process control signals.  They are known by several names:  converters, transducers, isolators, and transmitters.  The converted signal can be transmitted long distances without degradation.


The word sensor covers a broad range of devices.  For example, a process may need a sensor capable of measuring distance, pressure, flow, liquid or solid level, or the presence or absence of a part. Also, a process may need to visually verify the color and relative position of an assembly or a part within an assembly. By using our considerable application time in the field of factory automation, Cates Control Solutions will help you select and apply the correct sensor for your application, ensuring that the process achieves maximum efficiency as well as the highest throughput possible.


Our wide range of cables and accessories will cover all of your system needs.  Cates Control Solutions will find the right solution for even the toughest requirements.  VFD and motor applications require a special shielded multi-conductor cable for radiated and conducted electrical noise control.  Many automation and robotic systems require cables with continuously flexible materials, as well as construction that prevents the cables from twisting during motion.

Cates Control Solutions carefully selects our vendors based on product quality and application know-how. Additionally, we evaluate whether or not the products are constantly being improved to increase efficiency and performance at an optimal price per performance ratio. Our customers have come to expect only the best in all of the CCS offerings, as well as the best technical support and applications knowledge.

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