AC Drive Fundamentals and Maintenance

Course Description

Cates Control Solutions - AC DrivesThis 5 day course will investigate the basics of 3-phase motor theory, developing drive technology and how a VFD controls the speed of an ac motor – a comprehensive course on AC Drive training. There will be an in-depth look into electrical safety, ESD procedures and cabling installation best practices. The student will be required to operate the ACS800 remotely using fiber optic communications and the DriveWindow PC tool as well as control a motor locally using the keypad. Mastering several critical maintenance tasks, the student will manipulate firmware parameters, follow correct module replacement procedures and troubleshoot drive faults. Everything needed for this class will be provided by Cates Control Solutions. No tools, laptops or special software required. Lunch will be provided daily. The only prerequisite to attend this class is a strong desire to understand how to safely operate and maintain ABB’s ACS800 Multidrive System.

Course Objectives

Upon completion the student will be able to:

  • Identify the location and define the purpose of all circuit cards used in the ACS800 Multidrive
  • Describe motor construction, theory of operation and ‘inverter duty’ technical characteristics
  • Calculate the synchronous speed, rated output torque and horsepower for a given motor
  • Understand the electrostatic discharge (ESD) problem and know how to avoid costly self-induced failures
  • Confidently perform routine tasks such as replacing fans, reforming capacitors and measuring bus voltage
  • Identify the documentation, hand-tools and special equipment needed to maintain the ACS800 System
  • Understand the VFD dual conversion process and describe how PWM duty cycle controls motor speed
  • Display actual speed, current & torque values, download saved parameters and perform an ‘Motor ID Run’
  • Describe the recommended best practices of control cable EMI shielding and power cable grounding techniques
  • Understand how to safely extract, maneuver and reinstall inverter modules in the Multidrive cabinet
  • Demonstrate how to establish communications with the PC tool, compare parameters and monitor trends
  • Utilize the DriveWindow software to perform drive start-up, program ramping functions and track faults
  • Utilize a multi-meter to confidently determine diode bridge and IGBT functionality
  • Understand PID control, Adaptive Programming and the Master/Follower option
  • Create a backup package, restore the firmware and setup DataLogger
  • Read the APBU status LEDs to identify parallel communications
  • Describe how to install an optional RTAC module and setup the appropriate parameters


Cates Control Solutions – Houston
14221 Gulfstream Park
Webster, TX 77598

Daily Agenda

  • Class start time – 8:00 AM
  • Discussion
  • Lunch will be provided daily
  • Discussion / Practical Hands-On Exercises
  • Dismissal – 4:30 PM

2015 Class Schedule

February 23-27

March 9-13

April 6-10

May 4-8

June 1-5

July 6-10

August 3-7

September 14-18

October 5-9

November 2-6

December 7-11

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